Law Office BosniaPrinciples of Law Office

Law and legal services are not only a job, nor can they be fitted in some kinds of moldings and standards. To be creative and persistent in general understands finding better ideas in order to reach an optimally ideal legal solution.
We are qualified to recognize problems in their early stage, do a detailed analysis of necessary legal activities, and then – to solve the problem.

Our Law Office does not recognize a standard client. Each of our clients is given a special approach and is provided with expert legal support. On the other hand, in return, we expect your honest cooperation. In order to reach maximum performance, your confidence, insight into the process and relevant data are the key to the success.
Closer specialty of the Law Office is representing domestic and foreign natural and legal persons before courts and administrative bodies of Bosnia and Herzegovina in civil cases, economic disputes, and the defense in criminal proceedings, and other areas of professional involvement of the Law Office.
Principles of Law Office: strict abiding by the principle of professional secrecy and code of attorneys’ ethics, strict avoidance of activities in which there is conflict of interest, professional execution of clients’ orders with maximum preservation of clients’ interests in any particular case. Law Office finds optimal solutions in international legal cases – in application of legal norms in collision.

The law is the art of distinction of details.


Law Firm History of lawyer profession in Bosnia and Herzegovina

"The legal profession in Bosnia and Herzegovina has a tradition longer than 130 years – the first written Law on the legal profession was passed in 1883 by Austro-Hungarian goverment /Advokaten ordnung/.

This event is today celebrated as the beginning of an independent and autonomous legal profession. The so-called law -'Attorneys order' established a unique system and provided freedom to become an attorney-at-law. The attorneys are the part of judicature and the goverment could not reject the applications of the candidates who met the necessary requirements.

The second Law on the legal profession was passed in 1909, by which the autonomous bar associations were constituted in Sarajevo, Ljubljana, Split and Dubrovnik. By this law, the legal profession was institutionalized – the Bar association was constituted together with its bodies, the Register of attorneys was run and maintained but the attorneys were still appoined by the Government.

In the 1929 the new Law of Attorneys was passed which equalized the status of all attorneys in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. In the same year the Minister of Justice made a special decree in order to establish the bar associations in Belgrade, Podgorica, Skoplje and Zegreb while the bar associations in Sarajevo, Novi Sad, Ljubljana and Split continued with their work. This Law was made in accordance with the existing European standards, so an attorney-at-law had a freedom of speech and a complete immunity.

In 1957 the new Law on the legal profession was passed and legal profession was determined as a public service with the aim to represent the organizatons and institutions as well as individuals.
The first Law on legal profession of Bosnia and Herzegovina was passed in 1971, and in 1974 the journal 'Legal profession' was launched."